Louis Vuitton Nuit De Feu Perfume Oil (LUXE) 100ml Refill for Men and Women (Unisex) – by NICHE Perfumes

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This perfume oil is inspired by Nuit de Feu Perfume by Louis Vuitton, launched in the year 2020. Nuit de Feu is a rich and smokey scent that is inspired by the Middle East and anchors and connects nature with collective history.

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Nuit de Feu by Louis Vuitton

Nuit de Feu by Louis Vuitton, launched in the year 2020 is a rich and smokey scent that is inspired by the Middle East and anchors and connects nature with collective history.


Perfume Notes

Key Notes: White Incense, Black Incense, Infusion of Natural Leather, Oud Wood


About the Perfume Nuit De Feu

Plunged into the icy night, the desert seems frozen under an endlessly star-studded sky. In the heart of this darkness, a camp fire is crackling, its dancing flames warm the travellers, its smoke curling upwards into the sky.

This moment, this scent of eternity, has inspired the Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to create a vibrant tribute to incense, a sacred scent revered down the ages and across cultures. It is the signature ingredient in Nuit de Feu, with three exceptional essences in its trail – natural leather, powerful musk and luxurious oud wood.


Fragrance Family

Amber Woody. Nuit de Feu is a smokey scent that is softened by an exclusive infusion of natural leather, and glorified by a powerful musk accord, the incense moulds the mystical scrolls of oud wood into a perfume that resonates with the history of the world.


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